Pan Grilled Oyster Mushroom

These grilled oyster mushrooms are easy to make and the taste is yummy with the homemade sweet sauce.You know the nice taste of sweet and thick sauce like the Japan teriyaki sauce are always best for grill chicken or grill fish. So, today recipe I’ll use the 3 basic ingredients that easily to get in the kitchen to make this sweet flavor sauce. These pan grilled mushrooms are rich with delicious sweet flavor and it’s definitely  a delightful dish to serve with plain rice or even with the beer too =)  Let’s try ~

这照烧杏鲍菇的做法很容易,搭配上自已简单调的甜酱汁可让杏鲍菇的味道更棒,更焦香也非常好下饭哦~ 想必大家都知道那甜甜带点稠的日式照烧酱汁(teriyaki sauce)用在烤鸡或是烤鱼上是很搭也是传统典型的滋味。所以,在今天食谱当中我用了3样在厨房里可找到的基本材料来调制这甜酱汁。刷上甜酱汁的照烧杏鲍菇味道更浓郁及香甜,绝对是搭配白饭或啤酒的开胃佳肴小菜=) 你也试一试吧 ~

Ingredients / 食材:-

Oyster Mushroom – 1 Pack
杏鲍菇 - 1包

Roasted seaweed (Nori) – 2 sheets

[To make the sauce/制作酱汁]
Foto-PanGrill Mushroom2
Oyster Sauce – 1 Tablespoon
蚝油- 1汤匙

Caster Sugar – 1 Tablespoon

Vegetable oil – 1 Tablespoon

[Steps/ 步骤:-]
Foto- PanGrill mushroom
1)Rinse the mushroom with water, dry with kitchen towel and cut them into slices. (*Do not cut too thick or too thin)

2)Every slices of oyster mushroom cut into half.

3) Use a scissor to cut the seaweed into thin strips. Then roll the mushroom with seaweed strip.*Brush in little water at the end of seaweed to avoid loosen.

Foto-PanGrill Mushroom3
1)Heat the pan with medium low flame, just place the nori mushroom pieces into pan(no need add oil) then covered with lid for 1 minute or until slightly smell the aroma of mushroom.

2)Remove the lid and brush the grill sauce mixture on the both sides of mushroom pieces. Keep grilling until mushrooms turned golden brown.

Sprinkle some white sesame and ready to serve.Done !







Thanks for visiting and Hope you guys enjoy =)

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  1. Wow these look so elegant! Beautiful pics🙂

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