Cocoa Chiffon Cake

Yes ! Finally I did it !!!  I feel so happy because of this “Cocoa Chiffon Cake” ^.^ This cake is lovely as it brings back to me some nice memories. Last month ago, my husband said to me that why you’re not making some cakes are much softer, lighter and fluffy texture? I know…i know… since I start blogging, I haven’t tried to make such texture of cakes. Previously,  I only baked the cakes which is more solid texture like “Brownie Cake”. That’s the one he didn’t like much ..Lol.. =P  He said it would be nicer and feel good if enjoyed the light and fluffy texture of cakes =) So, Chiffon cake is the best choice of basic airy cake and making chiffon cake is a new baking experience for me. This was the 2nd times to bake because it failed during the 1st time. After reviewing a lot of tips and tricks of making chiffon cake through website, now only I clear about the details of making chiffon cake. Now, finally my 1st chiffon cake is born Y(^_^)Y

Yes! 我终于成功了!!因为这“可可戚风蛋糕” 让我觉得好幸福,好快乐^_^因为它带给我一些很棒的回忆。在一个月前,邹先生突然对我说,为何你不尝试制做一些让人吃起来口感是松软,轻盈及蓬松的蛋糕呢?我知道..我了解…自从我开始写博客,更本没有尝试过这种质地的蛋糕。之前只会制做吃起来口感很扎实的,如布兰妮蛋糕,而且这也是邹先生最不爱的蛋糕之一 (因为他觉得布兰妮蛋糕很无趣,哈哈~)邹先生还说在享受蛋糕时唯有质地是蓬松和松软的蛋糕才会让人觉得轻飘在云朵般..(突然变成了美食家在给予讲评~ ^.-) 所以,戚风蛋糕绝对是一款带蓬松又柔软的基本款蛋糕之一。而且这也是我初次制做戚风蛋糕的新体验。其实,这已经是我第二次的制做因为第一次的经历就已经遭到惨败,而且蛋糕出炉后就塌陷,我还伤心了好几天呢 >.< 之后,上网大量的搜寻有关戚风蛋糕的技巧和一些小细节。现在戚风蛋糕终于诞生啦 Y(^_^)Y

** 9 1/2 Inch Chiffon cake pan / 9 1/2寸的蛋糕模**

Ingredients / 食材:-
[Egg Yolk / 蛋黄]

Egg yolk – 6pcs

Castor sugar – 28g

Grape seed oil – 56g

Fresh milk – 70g (add 1-2Tbsp of milk if the batter too thick)
鲜奶-70克 (如面糊太稠,多加1-2汤匙的鲜奶)

Cake flour – 126g (Sieve)
低筋面粉-126克 (过筛)

Cocoa powder – 20g

Vanilla essence – 1/2 teaspoon
香草精- 1/2茶匙

[Egg White/ 蛋白]

Egg white – 6pcs

Lemon juice – 1 teaspoon

Castor sugar – 84g

Steps / 步骤:-
Foto-cocoa chiffon

[Batter / 面糊]

1) Separate the egg white and egg yolk.
(*cold egg white are more easily to whip up and also stabilize)


2) Sieve the cake flour with cocoa powder, mix well.

3) sugar + egg yolks put into mixing bowl, whisk until combine.

4) Add grapeseed oil and mix well.

5) Add vanilla essence and mix well.

6) Add quarter half of flour, whisk until combine.

7) Add the rest of flour with milk , whisk until combine. Set aside.

[Meringue / 蛋白]

1) Beat the egg white until small bubbles appear.

2) Add lemon juice and quarter half of sugar, beat the egg white with medium speed.

3) Add another half of sugar into meringue and whip until stiff peak foam .

4) Scoop 1/3 of meringue mix with cocoa batter.

5) Pour the cocoa batter mixture into meringue , mix until well combine.

6) Pour the batter mixture into cake mold , use a spatula to smooth the surface and tap out the bubbles.

7)Preheat oven at 180C , bake for 45 mins – 50 mins .
预热烤箱在180度c, 烘烤45-50分钟。

Foto-cocoa chiffon 2

1) Once the cake is done , flip it upside down and let it cool completely.

2) After completely cool, use hand to remove it gently.




Foto-cocoa chiffon3



Hope you enjoy =)

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  1. ririepetshop says:

    Look’s nice and delicious. Thanks🙂

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    Nice cake and nice pict. Thanks


  3. Heidie says:

    Wow. This looks yummy! Thanks for sharing. Love xoxo Heidie


    1. foodbowlclub says:

      It’s so delicious !! Thank you Heidi🙂

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