Snow Fungus Sweet Soup

This chinese snow fungus sweet soup definitely is my favorite dessert. Two weeks ago, I went to my aunt’s house and she served us this delicious and healthy snow fungus sweet soup. This sweet dessert soup got an interesting name called “crazy for love”. It’s a impressive name right =) ?  I like the sweet dessert and as I know the snow fungus is good for health and contain a lot of collagen which benefits to skin especially for girls. That’s the reason I like it much ^.^ In chinese, some of people named it as “poor people bird nest” and It’s an alternative to expensive bird nest. For sure the price is definitely different to real bird nest ^.^ Anyway, snow fungus soup is a magic dessert soup for me (because I’m not the rich people who can enjoy the bird nest all the time..Lol 😄 ) So, here is the magic recipe for today ~

这雪木耳糖水是我喜爱吃甜汤饮品。在两个星期前,我拜访姑姑家时,她端出这甜滋滋又美味的健康雪耳糖水让我们享用。这糖水有个趣味的名字称“意乱情迷”,这称号让人留下深刻印象是吧 =) ? 我真的超爱这甜汤饮品!据我所知白木耳对健康有益并含大量的胶原蛋白,这对皮肤有极大的益处,尤其是女生哦~ 这也是我喜欢这糖水的原因之一 ^_^ 在东方人,有些称白木耳为“穷人燕窝”,也可代替昂贵食材的真正燕窝。当然,在价格方面肯定是有大落差咯~ 无论如何,雪木耳糖水对我来说是个神奇的穷人糖水(因为我不是富家女,无法天天享受昂贵燕窝糖水 😄 )所以,今天所要跟大家分享的这神奇雪木耳糖水食谱。。

Ingredients / 食材 :-
Foto- snow fungus

Snow fungus – 3pcs (*soaked in plain water until soft and puff up then drain well and cut into small pieces)
白木耳- 3朵 (浸泡在水里直到变软和膨胀,再沥干水分,切小片)

Mung bean without skin – 100g
去壳绿豆仁 - 100克

Candied Winter Melon – 30g

Wolfberries – 2 Tablespoons
枸杞-2 汤匙

Red dates – 10 pcs

Water – 2L
水- 2公升

Steps / 步骤:-
Foto- snow fungus 2

1) Put the snow fungus , mung beans and candied winter melon with water into the slow cooker.

2) Cook until all ingredients are soft about 1 1/2 – 2 hours .
将放入锅里的食材煮至软,大约1 1/2 – 2小时。

3) Lastly, put the wolfberries and red dates and cook for another 15-20 minutes.

Done ! You can serve warm or after chill in fridge .






Enjoy ^.-


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