Japanese Cotton Cheesecake

Japanese cotton cheesecake is soft, fluffy and light as cotton.This is the “Best” cheesecake ever! Few weeks ago, my brother was queuing for couple of hours to buy the uncle Tetsu’s cheesecake.He told me that a lot of people are queuing up with patiently for their freshly baked cheesecake and customers are limited to purchase of 1 box for each person.It really make me curious about the taste and the texture of the cake?! Unfortunately, this time I have no chance to try the uncle Tetsu cheesecake. But, I decided to search through internet to get the recipe and finally I baked it. The taste of the cheesecake is absolutely amazing and so delicious. It definitely will not enough for your family ^^ Here’s the Japanese cotton cheesecake I wanna share with you guys today ~ Let’s get started.

日式轻乳酪蛋糕就如棉花般的柔软,细致幼滑的口感。这蛋糕绝对是最棒的轻乳酪蛋糕!在几个星期前,我弟花了整2小时排队就是为了购买最夯的Uncle Tetsu轻乳酪蛋糕。据他所说,一大早就大排长龙,大家耐心的等候新鲜蛋糕出炉,现做现卖而且店家还限制每人只可购买一份。这点真让我非常的好奇,到底这蛋糕的口感是如何,真的那么好吃吗?!可惜的是,我还没机会尝试到这款红遍天涯的轻乳酪蛋糕^_^ 但,透过网络上搜寻却得了这蛋糕的配方。蛋糕终于出炉了!^_^ 轻乳酪蛋糕的口感真的很惊人,非常的好吃(转圈圈)相信我,这一份蛋糕绝对无法满足家人的食欲^^哈哈~ 这就是今天我想与大家分享的日式轻乳酪蛋糕。。 开始吧 ~

Ingredients / 食材:-

Cream cheese – 200g

Fresh milk – 100g

Butter – 60g

Cake flour- 25g

Corn flour- 20g

Egg yolk- 5 pcs

[Meringue / 蛋白霜]

Egg white – 5 pcs

Caster sugar – 110g

Steps / 步骤:-
* 8 Inch cake mold / 8寸蛋糕模
Foto-Jp Cheesecake 1

1) Cut a round shape baking sheet and line on round cake pan.

2) Separated the egg whites and egg yolks.

[Egg Yolk Batter/ 蛋黄面糊 ]

Foto-Jp cheesecake
1) Put the cream cheese mix with milk. Open small flame, melt the cream cheese with water heating until smooth.

2) Add the butter and whisk until completely melted .

3) Add one egg yolk at a time and mix.

Foto-Jp cheesecake 2

1) Sieve the cake flour and corn flour. Add into egg yolk mixture, stir until combine.
Set aside .


[To make Meringue/ 蛋白霜 ]

Foto-Jp cheesecake 3
1) Whip the egg white with medium speed until small bubbles. Then, add half of sugar and continue whipping.

2) When the meringue start to form big bubbles, becomes white and increase volume, add the remaining sugar , continue whip until  the meringue turn between soft peak form and stiff peak form.

*It should not drop when you turn the bowl of meringue upside down.
*Don’t whip it up the meringue too tough to avoid the cake surface will crack easily .


3) Scoop about 1/3 of egg yolk batter mix with meringue until combine. Then pour the egg yolk batter into meringue bowl and mix well.

Foto-Jp cheesecake 4
1) Pour the batter mixture into the cake mold and gently tap out the air bubble.

2) Prepare another cake pan and fill in the water level about 1-2 inch high. Place the round cake pan inside and preheat oven at 160C, bake for 50 – 60 minutes.
准备另一个烤盘,加水大约1-2寸高的水位,再把圆形烤模放在烤盘上,送入烤箱。预热烤箱在160度C, 烘烤50-60分钟。

3) Once the cake is out from oven, let it cool completely.
*The cream cheese cake taste better after refrigeration!







Foto- Jp cheesecake

Hope you enjoy ^.-

*Recipe via ytower.com.tw  


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  1. I enjoyed the recipe. Thank you.


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