Hot and Spicy Enoki with Chinese Baby Cabbage


|开胃小菜- 蒜蓉香辣金针菇娃娃菜|


[食材/ Ingredients ]
娃娃菜- 1包(3颗)
Chinese baby cabbage – 1 pack (3pcs)

金针菇- 1包
Enoki (thin white mushrooms) – 1 pack

红色小辣椒- 3根
Red chili peppers – 3 pcs

蒜蓉- 适量
Chopped garlic – little amount

奶油- 1汤匙
Butter – 1Tbsp

[调味料 / Seasoning]
some salt, 3-4 Tbsp of soy sauce, some water


[做法/ Steps]


Prepare a pot of hot water, add some salt, blanch the baby cabbage into hot boiling water. Drain well.

* Quickly dipped the vegetables into cold water to prevent over-blanching.

Open medium small flame, put in the butter and stir fry the enoki until cooked and soft.


To make the sauce : pour in 1 Tbsp of oil, saute the chopped garlic and chili pepper until fragrant.Then pour in some water and soya sauce, mix evenly and cook until aroma.
*for those who can’t take too spicy flavor, recommend to put 1pc of red chili pepper enough.
*chopped garlic will bring out spicy aromatic flavor base.So, just add some to have little taste of dish.

Garnish : Place the baby cabbage on the bottom. The 2nd layer top with the butter flavor of enoki and drizzle the red chili sauce. Done !

P/s: 我和邹先生一向来都吃不得辣。所以,配方里的辣味程度已经是我们俩的极限(快喷火了🔥)邹先生还补充一句说是要谋杀亲夫吗?哈哈😆😆😆

I and my hubby are not used to eat spicy food. So,the hot and spicy level of this dish is already out of our limit (almost split fire!) He jokingly added you’re going to kill me! Lol XD …

Hope you enjoy =)


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