Japanese Steamed Egg Tofu Pudding

unnamed|日本豆腐蒸布丁 |


[食材/ Ingredients]

日本豆腐- 1条
Japanese Egg Tofu – 1 tube

猪肉粹- 2汤匙
Pork minced meat- 2 Tbsp

萝卜丁- 2汤匙
Carrot cubes – 2 Tbsp

香菇丁- 3大朵
Mushroom cubes- 3 pcs

葱花- 适量
Chopped green onion – little amount

[调味料/ Seasoning]
适量的 : 盐巴,酱油,糖 & 胡椒粉
Little amount of salt, soy sauce , sugar and pepper to taste.

[步骤 / Steps]
unnamed (2)

Mash the egg tofu with fork, add carrot,mushrooms and green onion into bowl. Then, seasoning with little amount of salt, sugar, soy sauce, pepper and mix well.

unnamed (3)


Prepare 2 pcs of pudding cups. Coated some sesame oil inside the cup and scoop some amount of egg tofu mixture put into pudding cup. Then,use a spoon to press them tightly ,cover with plastic wrap and put into fridge for about 1-2 hours.

unnamed (4)


Open medium heat, when water start to boil only put the egg tofu pudding into steamer and steam about 15-20 minutes or until fully cooked. After that, put a plate on top, flip both upside down, so the egg tofu pudding are the right way up.

unnamed (1)

撒上黑白芝麻和葱花,准备上桌~ 完成!

Sprinkle some black & white sesame and some chopped green onion. Now is ready to serve . Done !

Hope you enjoy =)


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