Rice Cooker Pumpkin with Salmon Rice


|一锅变一餐 – 南瓜鲑鱼炊饭|


[食材/ Ingredients ]

南瓜- 100克 (切块状)
Pumpkin – 100g (cut into bite-sized)

红萝卜- 适量(切块状)
Carrot – little amount (cut into small pieces)

鲑鱼- 2人份的量 (切块)
Salmon – 2 servings (cut into small pieces)

洋葱丁- 适量
Chopped onion – little amount

蒜末 – 适量
Chopped garlic – little amount

香菇 – 两朵 (切丝)
Mushroom – 2pcs (shredded)

黑木耳- 适量(切丝)
Black fungus – little amount (shredded)

鸡蛋- 2粒
Egg – 2pcs

调味- 盐巴&胡椒粉适量,3-4汤匙的酱油
Seasoning with little of salt, black pepper and 3-4 Tbsp of soy sauce


unnamed (1)

Cut all the ingredients and set aside.

Open small heat, add 1 Tbsp of olive and saute the chopped onion and garlic until fragrant.

Add shredded mushroom and black fungus, stir-fry until aroma.


Add pumpkin,carrot,salmon and seasoning ingredients. Keep stir-fry until half cooked.
* Salmon can be substitute by cod fish
* the nutrient of pumpkins and carrots are more easier to release if heat up first.

unnamed (2)


Pour the half cooked ingredients into rice cooker, and sprinkle some chinese parsley. Switch it on, and wait for button automatically pops up.

* I cook brown rice and the water ratio is based on normal rice cooking.

Once the rice cooker button pops up, crack in 2 eggs and press down the button again. Then wait for 2nd times of button pops up automatically. Now the pumpkin with salmon rice is done!

P/s: 在电锅还没起跳就可闻到浓浓的香气..真的好香好美味,而且非常饱足😋😋😋
You can smell the strong aroma release from the rice cooker .. It’s really good taste and satisfied =)

Hope you enjoy ^.-


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