Plain Bagels


Plain bagels as good as everything! I like the bagel which is chewy , thick but not so soft. As I know the heathy bagel can be make without putting any oil or even the sugar (not for this recipe^^).But I have reduced the amount of sugar and oil from the original recipe. So, the calories is low if compared to other type of bread and this is why I fall in love to “Plain Bagel”. Do you a bagel lover too ??

Bagel can be any meal from breakfast to dinner. It can be served with any filling you like. The most popular menu in my kitchen is Egg & Cheese Bagel ! The filling is simple but full of nutrition. It’s really good to have one Bagel with Soy milk or coffee in the morning!

Recently I realise that baking is such a casual and freestyle to make what you think is great !

The handmade food is the comfort food for others.

Photography share here …


The Bagel Belly is cute ~
Bagel = Donut ?



Loving.Caring.Sharing . Together We Learn =)


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